Clarity Clinic Asking For Help

This is an impassioned plea to those in the community to please help us at Clarity Clinic to fill a critical need.  We normally keep up with demand but we are falling short as of late due to high demand.  Let me explain what we do here at Clarity Clinic.

One of our many programs is our First Steps Program.  In this program, expectant mothers and others in need, take courses that prepare them for the raising of their child.  The courses include topics such as parenting, budgeting, CPR, positive discipline and so much more.  Each completed course credits the participant with points, which we call “baby bucks.”  The “baby bucks” can then be used to “purchase” needed items like toys, strollers, clothes, diapers, pullups, wipes and more.  These items are available to them in our boutique (see attached photos). 

Our boutique is stocked largely by donation.  People have items that their children have out grown and they donate these to us and we re-purpose the items.  Many just go out and purchase items to donate.  These items are then available to those in need.  We all know what it’s like in cases like these, sometimes you have more than enough of what you need and then the next week you’re low on items.  Well right now, we are critically low on or completely out of the following items: Pull-Ups (3t thru 6t), Diapers (Newborn and Size 5 & 6) and Wipes

We are reaching out to churches, organizations and others in the community asking if you can help.  Will you please run adds in your bulletins, papers and websites?  Will you hold a diaper drive at your parish, organization or business?  You can drop items off at our clinic from Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  If you have a drive and a lot of items, we can possibly come pick them up at your location, just call and speak with Kyle Cox at (563) 556-5250 ext 101.  If you can spread the word to others that is also appreciated.

We also have a video, previously produced, about volunteering at the boutique.  This video gives a good overview of the boutique and the items we provide.  View it at at the bottom of the Home Page.

This is the first time in a very long time that we have had to do this type of emergency appeal for boutique items.  We wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t such a dire situation.  CAN YOU HELP US HELP OTHERS?  Can you please consider making a donation of the listed items either individually or as a group?  Anything you can do is appreciated.  May God Bless for your generosity and care for his children! 

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