Discover a World of Stories: The Kann Imports Collection Auction

Bravo Auctioneers inside Kennedy Mall, Dubuque, IA – In a tale woven from travel, discovery, and the enduring spirit of community, Bravo Auctioneers is proud to present the auction of the Kann Imports Collection. As the final chapter unfolds for Kann Imports of Guttenberg, Iowa, we celebrate the legacy of a family that brought the world to our doorstep. If unique is what you seek, it’s here, within the Kann collection—awaiting your discovery.

A Legacy of Discovery and Heartfelt Connections

Kann Imports was more than just a storefront; it was a portal to the wonders of the world, right in the heart of the Midwest. The Kann family dedicated 76 years to curating a collection that tells stories of cultures, artistry, and the beauty that connects us all. This April, we honor their vision by inviting you to own a piece of this storied legacy.

Be Our Guest: Preview and Auction Details

We invite you to preview this extraordinary collection, where every item has a unique story to tell:

  • Preview Days at Bravo Auctioneers (Kennedy Mall): April 12th (10 AM – 9 PM), April 13th (10 AM – 2 PM), and April 14th (11 AM – 6 PM) or visit our website for catalog.
  • Auction Date: April 20th, starting at 10:30 AM, at Bravo Auctioneers’ Gallery in Kennedy Mall, Dubuque, IA
  • Online Bidding is For effortless bidding, download our app for Apple or Android.

A Curated Collection of the Unique and Unforgettable

From sculptures dating back to the 1800s to contemporary treasures like Lalique, Lladro, oriental artifacts, and much more, the Kann Imports Collection offers a panorama of cultural heritage and artistic mastery. Each piece not only reflects the aesthetic values of its origins but also embodies the spirit of curiosity and connection that the Kann family championed. If unique is what you seek, you’ll find it here—among the treasures once cherished by the Guttenberg community.

Join Us: A Celebration of Legacy and Beauty

This auction is an open invitation to extend the journey of exploration and appreciation that defined Kann Imports. Whether through online bidding or bidding in person at Kennedy Mall, you have the chance to be part of a shared legacy of discovery and beauty. Mark your calendars for April 20th, and prepare to add a piece of history to your collection—a piece as unique and storied as the paths that brought them here.

Contact Information:

Bravo Auctioneers
Inside Kennedy Mall, Dubuque, IA
Phone: 563-542-2856


About Bravo Auctioneers

As a Markham Family Company, Bravo Auctioneers prides itself on showcasing unique collections and overseeing business liquidations with care and authenticity. Like the Kann family, we are dedicated to connecting our community with the wonders of the world. Considering selling? Let us tell the story of your collection next.

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