How communities can recognize nurses

Nurses play essential roles in their communities. Nurses interact with and assist their patients in many different ways.

Nurses are the foundation of most successful social healthcare programs, and they are often the powering force behind implementing private- or government-funded universal health plans. In addition, a 2015 report in the International Journal of Community Based Nursing and Midwifery found nurses are key players in community health awareness and promoting preventative health measures.

People who recognize the impact a great nurse can have may wonder how they can honor this special person. While nursing organizations offer prestigious awards for nursing excellence, a community-based or individual recognition may be just as meaningful.

School nurses day
School administration can set aside a special day each year, whether it’s in May on National School Nurses Day or another time of year, to pay homage to the school nurse. Children can be urged to draw thank-you cards, and parents can chip in for a special luncheon or gift.

Donate in tribute
Honor a special nurse by making a donation in his or her name to a charitable healthcare organization. Honorees may receive a listing on a website, notification of the tribute, official certificates of honor, or a letter of honor sent to his or her place of employment.

Volunteer services
Pitching in may be a big help to a dedicated yet overworked nurse. Volunteering at a hospital or health center can show a nurse how much he or she is appreciated.

Offer gifts
People who want to thank a nurse who has provided exemplary service may want to offer a gift to the nurse directly or provide something for the entire medical office or hospital floor. Catered food, flowers, gift cards, candy, or similar gifts may be appreciated.

Offer a public thanks
In an era of social media posts, someone can share with the community (and the world) how a nurse impacted his or her life for the better. Thanking a nurse online can be a way to start a positive pay-it-forward movement.

Nurses work long hours for the benefit of their patients. Offering a word or gesture of thanks can mean the world to these dedicated individuals.

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