The Salvation Army of Dubuque Partners with Business for FREE Senior lawn services

The Salvation Army of Dubuque in partnership with a local business is offering lawn mowing and light lawn care to senior citizens at no cost.

Captain Matt Phelps says a business approached The Salvation Army looking for ways to keep its employees busy and keep them on the payroll. Phelps says they discussed options and came up with the idea of providing lawn services to seniors.

Phelps says, “For many years, The Salvation Army of Dubuque has been active in supporting senior citizens in the community with a vibrant senior center. The center has been the site of many activities for seniors. Those in this age group may not be able to afford a lawn service and may be vulnerable to COVID-19 due to age or medical conditions, and for safety reasons may not be able to get out and do a simple task like get gasoline for a lawn mower.”

Phelps says that he sees this as a ‘win-win’ for both the business and seniors wanting to use the service. “The business will have work for its employees and seniors will be able to have lawn work done safely and at no cost,” said Phelps. While the business wishes to remain anonymous at this time, Phelps says that their offer deserves to be recognized. Residences are asked to allow use of their lawn mower if available. Note that if paid work for the business comes in, this will take priority for the employees.

Senior citizens who wish to take advantage of the service need to call The Dubuque Salvation Army at 563-556-1573 between 9 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday to sign-up for the service.

About The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army has served Dubuque County for over 100 years. Established in London in 1865, its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. The Salvation Army of Dubuque currently serves the community with a food pantry year-round, The Pathway of Hope program, a Senior Activities Center, weekly church services and bible study and a children’s and adult music and ballet program. To learn more, give a monetary donation, or volunteer for The Salvation Army call (563) 556-1573.

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