Voices Productions + Travel Dubuque Announce 10 Year Mural Project

Voices Productions and Travel Dubuque are pleased to announce they have joined in  partnership to launch a rotating mural initiative in downtown Dubuque.

The wall that will host this ongoing mural exhibition is located at 105 Locust Street in downtown Dubuque. This large south facing wall acts as an exciting “artistic gateway” for travelers entering Dubuque.

Beginning this month, Voices Productions and Travel Dubuque will curate and art direct a new mural on this wall annually for the next ten years. Each year the mural will be repainted and renewed, showcasing new artists and exploring various themes and subjects which relate to life in Dubuque.

The first iteration of this new initiative commenced on April 21st, when Connecticut based muralist Ryan Christenson comes to Dubuque to interpret the theme of one of America’s favorite pastimes. Christenson, known as ARCY, had previously painted ‘Charging Bison’ at the105 Locust Street location.

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