Happy Thanksgiving

The Dubuque Advertiser received the following sentiment from one of our carriers wishing to publicly express their gratitude this year:

“For Thanksgiving each year, every member of Matthew’s family makes a list of 100 things for which they give thanks. This year after recalling the events of this year, Matthew added two new people:  Mr. & Mrs. Bauer who have kindly and consistently given him a tip each week that he delivers their Dubuque Advertiser.  We applaud their                            generosity & the role model they provide.  Their care in encouraging a young worker’s effort and their willingness to share are important lessons for all of us. THANK YOU to this couple for providing a bright spot in the dismay of the times.”

The Dubuque Advertiser would like to recognize ALL our dedicated carriers (both young and adult) who consistently deliver each and every week, through all kinds of weather … and to give thanks for our community who appreciates their efforts.

We wish all our carriers, our clients and all of you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving (full of abundance and joy).

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